Craft Tutorial: Camera Lens Cap Decoration

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration

Hello sweets! I have a super fun tutorial for you today using Mod Podge and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic I received from Bev from Flamingo Toes :) (you can read about our craft swap we did here).

Before I move on to the tutorial, here is my inspiration for today’s project:

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration original

[Lens cap sold at mi-na for ¥3580, about £25/ $38]

From the moment I found this cute camera lens cap, I just couldn’t look at my boring lens cap in the same way again :) So, ready for the tutorial?

What you’ll need:

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration tool
  • camera lens cap
  • Mod Podge
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • covering material (I used cotton fabric and paper)
  • embellishments (I used metal balls for nail art)
DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration tool2

There are a few different types of lens caps available, and I used the type on the left so that it would be easier to decorate. You could find the lens caps for a few pounds if you wish (try Amazon).


DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration t1

1) Cut the material of your choice to fit the lens cap.

2) Apply Mod Podge on the lens cap, place the materials and apply Mod Podge again.

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration t3

3) Add embellishments while the Mod Podge is wet. I placed metal balls around the rim.

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration t5

4) Apply plenty amount of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to fill the lens cap. I say plenty, but not too much because it’ll leak! Also, you probably shouldn’t take photos while applying Dimensional Magic to your project :)

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration t7

5) Set aside until the Dimensional Magic is completely dry (I let them set overnight). Dimensional Magic is cloudy when wet, but it’ll dry clear. And… you’re done!

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration 2

See how glossy they are? I LOVE my lens caps now!!

DIY Camera Lens Cap Decoration t8

I’ve read that Dimensional Magic shrinks as it dries, so I poured quite a lot of it (the reason why it leaked…). The top photo shows how much I applied for the green one – see (the image on the bottom left) how much it shrunk? If you wish to go for more ‘raised’ look, you could probably add more Dimensional Magic layer by layer (so that it won’t leak).

Thanks again Bev for sending me the Mod Podge and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! My head is full of Podge ideas now :D


Crafty Goodness from Across the Pond…

Hello lovelies! Please let me apologise first for making you jealous today. If you were a regular SGT reader, you might remember the craft swap I did with Bev from Flamingo Toes – well, we enjoyed the swap so much that we decided to do the swap again :)

OK, just in case you haven’t encountered Flamingo Toes yet (like, really, go have a look, sweetheart!), here are some of my favourite tutorials from Bev: Anthro’s Pompearl Necklace Knockoff, Simple & Sweet Shoe Refashion, A Simple Clutch (Applique Version), and Spring Vintage Linen Table Runner. See? So many inspirations and crafty skills!!!

Now, please let me share you the goodies I received from the crafty queen :)

craft swap

Yeeees, Podge love! I begged Bev for some Mod Podge, and I was super excited when I held them in my hands for the first time in my life!!!! And there were loads more things that I’ve never seen before, like paper straws and cutest clothespins (you American guys are so lucky to have these sweet things!).

craft swap2

Gorgeous set of trims, jewellery charms, tags (seriously, who’d thought you could get burlap tags?!) and bezels. These bezels are perfect for Mod Podge Dimensional Magic – can’t wait to make some pendants with them!

Bev also included a letter ‘E’ and decoupage papers. I’ve been collecting letter ‘E’s for quite some time, so I was really excited to receive it (and a new font for me as well!).

OK, now. I was beyond happy and excited to receive every one of them, but Mr T was also super excited. Wanna see why?

DIY iPhone case using Mod Podge
DIY iPhone case using Mod Podge 4

Yes, my hubby Mod Podged some fabric onto his iPhone case :)

DIY iPhone case using Mod Podge 3

He simply covered a plain white case with Mod Podge, placed roughly cut fabric on top, trimmed the sides and holes to fit the case’s shape, and then gave 3 coats of Mod Podge. See how the fabric turned into oil cloth-ish texture? It’s quite sturdy, and I was amazed what Mod Podge could do – seriously, think about all the possibilities!!

Anyways, I have a really fun and easy tutorial using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on Friday, so make sure you come back :)

P.S. Thank you so much again for the craft swap, Bev! Sending lots of kisses from me & Mr T xxxx


Nail Art: Having Fun with ◯ & △

Nail Art: Having Fun with ◯ & △

Hello Lovelies! First of all, I apologise for my long absence – yes, I’ve been busy (and a bit lazy, of course!) getting used to the life in Japan. It still doesn’t feel real that Mr T and I aren’t going back to the UK anymore, and sometimes Tokyo makes me feel really out of my comfort zone (there are so many people here compared to London!!!). I’m a country bumpkin, really, and hopefully I’ll get used to the city life soon :D

Anyways. For my first nail art in Japan, I chose a design that I’d call ‘lazy but fun’ – so if you’re feeling lazy, this is for you :)

I used:

  • essie / Jazz
  • Maxfactor / Royal Blue


How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Follow this tutorial to prepare nail decals (made of nail polish). I cut out a couple of squares and triangles.

3) Apply two coats of essie on top half of thumb and middle finger.

4) Apply two coats of Maxfactor on index, ring and little fingers.

5) Add nail decals on thumb, index and middle fingers. For the bow on index finger, use two triangles.

6) Add glitters on every finger.

7) Apply top coat.

Nail Art: Having Fun with ◯ & △ 2

I call it ‘lazy’ nail art because for me, cutting polish decals and putting glitters take much less time than doing nail art that involve tapes (just because I don’t have to wait the polishes to dry in-between the process). Also, painting the tips in round shapes (like on my thumb, middle and little fingers) saves me some time and takes less effort. Hope you enjoyed the nail art for the week!


Hard to Say Good Bye

Big Ben

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while – well, not really because I didn’t want you sweet readers to know about it, but because I just didn’t quite know the right moment to tell you.


Last Thursday, Mr T and I left the UK to move back to our homeland, Japan. Although the move was a happy one, spending the last good ten years, it was just really hard to say good bye to the beautiful country.

I’ve met so many (and I mean, so many) lovely people, experienced things that I’d never experience in Japan, and ate Fish and Chips more than I probably should. There had been good times and bad times, of course, but now that I’ve left the country, all the things that came up to my mind were just so colourful and cheerful.

Please be patient with me until I settle in Tokyo – hopefully I’ll be back soon enough :)

P.S. Oh Tanuki, I’m really, really sorry I couldn’t meet you before I left… Hope to see you sometime soon in Japan, though!

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