Hello and thanks for visiting Small Good Things! I’m Emi, a Japanese writer living in London, leap Jewellery designer and creator, and  a crazy cat lady living in Tokyo. This blog is all about celebrating inspirations found in everyday life; I’m hoping to create a space where I could share my creative endeavours and adventures, however small they may be.

Also, I’d like to apologise in advance for ‘odd’ expressions and phrasings that you’d surely encounter reading my blog. It’s quite a challenge for me to create a blog in English – and yes, it’s pretty darn hard!

For those who might be wondering how I came up with the name Small Good Things, I was inspired by my favorite story of all time: A Small Good Thing by Raymond Carver. It is a beautiful story about humanity, and it never fails to make me feel humbled.

Hope you’ll enjoy browsing through my blog!

Emi xx


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