Jun 28 2011

Today I Made: Fabric Wrapped Hangers

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 3

As my ‘I know one day they’ll be useful’ scrap fabric stash was fully grown to ‘OMG What on earth am I gonna do with them’ size stash, I decided to use them for giving my old miserable-looking hangers some treat.

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 1

These are some of the scrap fabrics I’ve been saving; they are too small for any sewing projects, not even for yoyos.

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 2

And these are the ‘miserable’ hangers that are going to have some ‘face lift’.

Fabric Wrapped Hangers 4

Ta-da! I just wrapped the scrap fabrics on the hangers with some double-sided tapes. Yes, it’s THAT easy! Also, they are not only cute but useful as well; the fabrics on the hangers stop dresses from slipping, which always, always gave me headaches. I can’t wait to grow my scrap fabric stash again so that I can wrap more hangers :)

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