Jul 01 2011

Nail Art: Thank Gaga, Think Green!

Think Green 1

I’ve been feeling very ‘green’ this week. Why? Because Lady Gaga was in town (no, not in London but in Tokyo) and she was totally covered in green when she landed Narita airport, head to toe!

I must admit that I’m not particularly a big fan of her music (just not my cup of tea); but that doesn’t stop me from praising her for her generosity, kindness and incredible act. Gaga has stayed in Japan for ten days (ten days!) to attend charity events for the earthquake and tsunami victims, and to send the messages to the world that it is safe to visit Japan.

There were (and probably are) so many people who left Japan or decided not to visit Japan after the earthquake. I strongly believe what Lady Gaga said was true: ‘the most important thing, and the best thing, we could do for Japan right now is to boost tourism’.  Also, I’m certain that so many people in Japan felt so much stronger just knowing the fact that someone, even from a foreign country, cared so much about us (and that ‘someone’ happened to be a superstar!). And you know what, when I watched the news feeds of Gaga crying at Save Japan press conference, I couldn’t help crying myself…

So, to show how thankful I am, I painted my nails proudly green. Arigato Gaga, YOU ROCK HARD!!!

What I used (from left)

Think Green polish

  • Barry M / Mint Green 304
  • Majolica Majorca / WT990
  • miss sporty / French Manicure

To Get the Look:

1) Apply two coats of French Manicure.

2) When the nails are dry, paint the tips of your nails with Mint Green, then draw outlines with WT990.

3) Apply a matte-finish top coat.

Think Green 2

The mint green is cute, but I love it more when it’s in matte. Have a wicked weekend lovelies!

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