Jul 08 2011

On Weird and Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful 5

I am in the middle of ‘panic packing’ at the moment. Why, you may ask. Because my hubby and I are moving away from old, sweet London to Brighton next weekend! We finally found a right place to move into – an old, cosy (which can be translated to ‘shabby and small’, but hey…) cottage.

Weird and Wonderful 6

Since I have a tendency to collect anything that grabs my eyes, packing and sorting all these things take a LONG time. My collection includes: bags of Krispy Kream and 7-Eleven in Oslo, shop business cards and wrapping papers, stickers, pens and etc.

Weird and Wonderful 2

The weirdest things I found in my collections were these cut out pictures. I honestly don’t remember ever buying them (why, when or what for), but during the past eight years of living in the UK, these quirky little things happened to find a safe home of a weird collector like me.

Weird and Wonderful 3

OK, they are weird.

Weird and Wonderful 4

Or, shall I say unique? The thing is, they aren’t stickers. They are too thin to be used as decorations. What the heck I am supposed to do with them, I don’t know, but hey I love anything weird and wonderful :)

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