Aug 05 2011

London to Brighton

Brighton Rocks hello

Hello lovelies! I’m really sorry that I’ve been away for so long; it’s been almost 1 month since I posted my last entry (yes, I’m actually in a cold sweat!). The reasons for my absence are: 1) my hubby and I moved to Brighton, a seaside city about an hour away from London 2) because of the move and our brilliant internet service provider, we were cut off from the internet connection all these time (it sucks but I shouldn’t be so surprised by this kind of problem in the UK).

Anyways, here are my updates during this ‘zero connection to the world of civilization’ days:

  1. Moved to a small cottage in Brighton
  2. Cleaned the hell out of the cottage
  3. Nesting. Still on going…
  4. My hubby’s brother had a new baby boy
  5. My parents’ dog passed away
Brighton Rocks torakichi

1) Moved to a small cottage in Brighton

So here we are, all settled nicely in the new city. We were so excited by this move, but at the same time, it was very sad to leave the old flat in London because we had to say good-bye to this orange cat we absolutely adored (he hated my camera, and usually looked much cuter). We still miss him so much!

Brighton Rocks newcat

But fortunately, there is a cute black cat that comes and goes on the fence of our cottage several times a day. He never comes closer when I’m out in the garden, though. Damn!

Brighton Rocks newcat2

We also have several other yet-unfriendly cats that live around our cottage. OK, now I’m getting too excited by cats and must be boring you to death!

2) Cleaned the hell out of the cottage

Yes, this I mean it. I can’t remember ever being so crazy about cleaning. Sticky knobs, dirty carpets, grimy kitchen shelves, greasy oven… I learnt this though; elbow grease and baking soda can solve pretty much any cleaning-related problems!

Brighton Rocks printerstray2

3) Nesting. Still on going…

We are trying to put our personal stamp in our interior, and when you are renting a partly furnished house it could be quite difficult! Also, our stuff look very different when moving from a less than 10 years old flat to an early 20th century cottage. I’m really excited that I finally found a place to put this vintage printer’s tray; I got this 1930s’ tray in Rye back in April but didn’t have any space for it in the previous flat.

Brighton Rocks printers tray

Because the tray was ‘untreated’, I got it for only £11 (what a bargain!). The cleaning process took me a whole day (taking the backing paper off and scrubbing off the old ink), and I spent another day sanding and painting 3 coats of varnish. I’m over the moon with the result, it totally worth the effort!

4) My hubby’s brother had a new baby boy

My hubby’s first nephew was born on 29th of July back in Japan, and we are sooooooooo excited to meet him!! We are planning to go back to Japan for Christmas season, and can’t wait to hold him :)

5) My parents’ dog passed away

Yes, after the happy news of the new-born baby, I had a really sad call from my mum from Japan. Piglet, our sweetest miniature dachshund, passed away on Wednesday. She was 15 years old and was suffering from lung cancer. She was loved by so many people, and I’m sure she had the best life she could possibly have with my loving parents. I wish I could have spent more time with her, and I miss her so, so much. RIP Piglet xxx

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