Aug 09 2011

Arty Trip to London

Last weekend, Mr T (my hubby) and I went back to London to 1) clear the art studio Mr T has been using and return its key, 2) visit art galleries and 3) have dinner with some friends.

 Trip to London  nunnery

Mr T’s previous art studio was located in East London, and was hidden away from the main road by this cute, old alley (apologise for the quality of today’s photos; I only had my mobile phone’s camera with me).

 Trip to London  nunnery2

I found this weird ‘classic and contemporary mix-and-match’ arty object in front of the main office. Why is he so red…? Anyway, it’s an art studio, after all. Anything weird and wonderful is welcome!

 Trip to London  gallery

After leaving the studio, we headed to Haunch of Venison in Piccadilly Circus. They are having Richard Long and Giuseppe Penone’s exhibitions that last till 20th August (the photo above is one of Penone’s works).

Next, we headed to White Cube in Mason’s Yard to see Jake & Dinos Chapman’s exhibition: Jake or Dinos Chapman. Chapman brothers’ works are not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but I LOVE them! At the moment, they are each having an exhibition at Mason’s Yard and Hoxton Square (yes, they are not working together this time).

It was such a shame that we run out of time so couldn’t see the one in Hoxton. But from what I see on their website, I think we made a right choice going to Mason’s Yard because it was spot on – right up our street and thoroughly enjoyed it! If what makes art an ‘art’ was making someone feel something, they definitely got it. If you haven’t seen their works, my best description of their works is this: meticulously created nightmares that you’ll try to forget but cannot.

If you like contemporary art, don’t get easily offended, and live in London or are going to visit London soon, visit the exhibition before 17th September. It still makes me smirk just remembering about the exhibition!

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