Aug 11 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Pinwale Alphabet

Pinwale Alphabet 3

Some of you might remember that I’ve been collecting an alphabet ‘E’ . So I was really excited when I was given a letter E from a friend the other day!

alphabet 1

This is the new addition to my E family, a lightweight 3D letter made from paper. As you can see, it’s white; a blank canvas that’s waiting for me to transfer it into something gorgeous! Then I remembered about these cute letters they have at Anthropologie.

Pinwale Alphabet anthro

Aren’t they sweet? They are £12 each, which isn’t too bad for their usual pricing, I think (photo credit: Anthropologie). They are pretty straightforward to make, so if you have alphabet letters that you want to transform, here is the tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  • paper/wooden letter
  • quilt batting, 2 times bigger than the letter
  • fabric glue
  • fabric A, about 2.5 times bigger than the letter
  • fabric B, the length x width of the letter’s side surface


Pinwale Alphabet t-1

1) Cut your fabric A and B according to the size of your letter. For fabric A, trace the shape of the letter on the wrong side of the fabric and cut it out with scissors (so for me, I have an E-shaped fabric and a rectangle fabric).

Pinwale Alphabet t-2

2) Trace your letter on your quilt batting twice, and cut them out with scissors.

Pinwale Alphabet t-3

3) Pin the cut out batting on the wrong side of your fabric A (the rectangle one), then sew them together. I decided to ‘go with the flow sewing’ as my design, but you can add some embroidery, beads…anything you’d like at this point.

Pinwale Alphabet t-4

4) Apply glue to the front of the letter, and then place the fabric on it in a way that the letter and the letter-shaped batting meet.

5) Trim the edges of the fabric, then apply glue and stick the edges to the side surface of the letter (sorry, no photos from here; my fingers were too messy with glue!).

6) Apply glue to the back of the letter, and then place the letter-shaped fabric (the one you cut out in the step 1) on it.

7) Apply glue to the side surface of the letter, and place the fabric B. And you are done!

Pinwale Alphabet 4

Because my letter E’s shape is quite simple, the whole process didn’t take much time (took about one hour in total). But if your chosen letter is lower case or something tricky like Q or A… then the process might take a bit longer. In any case, it’s very cheap and cheerful way to decorate your home. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and good luck!

I’m linking this tutorial on my favourite blog, Flamingo Toes. Check the site for more inspirations!

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