Aug 12 2011

Art Inspiration: Exhibition by Stephane Cauchy

Stephane Cauchy 3

I found Fabrica, an art organisation based in a former Regency church, by accident when I was exploring Brighton city centre. According to their website, they commission contemporary visual art installations specific to the building; I love site specific installations because they show what the artists have felt and how they were inspired by the site, and that could be very telling about certain aspects of the artists. At the moment, they are having an exhibition by French artist Stephane Cauchy called Cascade.

Stephane Cauchy 1

Cascade is a kinetic sculpture; there is a large pool on the floor, and above that, nine buckets are suspended from the high ceiling of the church.

Stephane Cauchy 4

Water is pumped into each bucket, and suddenly it tips and empties the water into the pool.

Stephane Cauchy 2

The sculpture uses the venue’s height very cleverly; both the visual and sound impacts are amazing. And there was zen-like poetic quietness (again both as visually and auditory). My only regret is that I didn’t bring my camera with me (I took these images with my mobile phone)! The exhibition ends on 29th August, so if you live in Brighton or are planning to visit here, it’s worth checking :)


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