Aug 15 2011

Brighton Pride 2011

Brighton Pride 4

Last Saturday, my hubby and I attended Brighton Pride parade, one of the biggest Pride parades in Europe. I’ve been to London Pride (which is slightly bigger than the Brighton one) before, but oh my, I was never so proud to be a part of such a positive festival!

Brighton Pride 1

Along with Minnie Mouse and unicorn balloons, ‘Mr Willy’ balloons were proudly sold on the streets. It was the sight I would never find in Japanese streets!

Brighton Pride 3

We decided to watch the parade at the very finishing point, just in front of Preston Park, thinking that there would be smaller crowd than in the city centre (which is about 20 minutes walk away). And we were wrong! We got there about 30 minutes before the parade reached, but it was already packed.

Brighton Pride 5

Because I was smaller than most of people there, I couldn’t really see what was going on on the street (real shame). So I had my camera held up high and checked its monitor to see what went on :) We enjoyed the parade nevertheless; just sworn to ourselves that we’d find a nicer spot next year!

Brighton Pride 8

My favourite man and slogan of the parade! These simple words alone tell so many stories and about his dignity.

Brighton Pride 6
Brighton Pride 7
Brighton Pride 10

Young, old, men, women… everyone was cheerful and full of pride. Their positive energy was so strong and overwhelming that at one point my hubby shed a few tears! As you might know, there had been riots across England recently; there were even rumours around that Brighton Pride parade might be cancelled. I think it was extra-inspiring that the community was unified as one, and everyone was sending such positive messages.

Brighton Pride 11

I cannot wait for next year’s parade already!

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