Aug 16 2011

Today I Made: Waxed Papers

Waxed Paper 4

Hello lovelies! Today, I want to share my newest obsession: waxed papers. I love their texture and translucency, and they have this vintage feel that just look so special! So, I tried and made my own waxed papers from plain papers.

Waxed Paper 1

I downloaded this image of an antique musical score from a Japanese website called WOLCA. The site is all written in Japanese, unfortunately, but you won’t regret checking it because there are so many great ideas and free downloads! Click the ‘WOLCA original!’ section (or here) to jump to the freebies page; just keep it in mind that these images are strongly forbidden from being used for commercial purposes (not even as a background in commercial photo shoots).

Some of the freebies have bold, red lines; these are ‘limited time offer’ and the downloads are already unavailable. As for the blue lines, the first line jumps to a download page, and the second line jumps to ‘how to’ page. I think Google Translate will help you navigate the how-tos, so good luck!

Waxed Paper 2

OK, I’m showing my best card here! I LOVE Paul & Joe, especially Paul & Joe Beaute (their cosmetic line) to the point that I will loose my will to live without their products (sad? Just check their products!). And they have free downloadable wall papers and screen savers (click here) that are just unbelievably beautiful! I’m using three of their wallpapers for paper waxing (the red swan one is from last season, sadly no longer available).

Waxed Paper 3

I sprayed some coffee over the musical score in order to make it look more antique before putting wax on it.

Waxed Paper 5

And this is the waxed version. Can you see how the paper is now translucent? I wish I could make you feel its texture, too… It’s gorgeous!

Waxed Paper 6
Waxed Paper 7
Waxed Paper 8

Ahhh, I’m so happy that these plain papers transformed into rich, quality wax paper! I will show you how to make these waxed papers in tomorrow’s tutorial, and also what I’m going to do with them. Get your iron ready, ladies!

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