Aug 18 2011

Waxed Paper Tutorial

Waxed Paper Tutorial 6

As I promised you the day before, today’s tutorial will show you how to make waxed papers from plain papers. I got hooked and cannot (seriously) stop waxing papers, so much so that I’m putting all the usual clothes ironing on hold :)

What you’ll need:

  • papers that you want to wax
  • extra printing papers
  • candle wax (any kind, really. Even the scented ones)
  • long strip of parchment paper (about 4 times bigger than the papers you are going to wax)
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • old towel
  • hammer (optional)


Waxed Paper Tutorial t-1Waxed Paper Tutorial t-2

1) First, decide on what you are going to wax. I’m using these designs that I printed out (for the websites I downloaded from, please see this post); I’m also waxing some thick letter papers to see how they are going to turn out.

2) If you are using print-outs, trim the margins.

Waxed Paper Tutorial t2-2Waxed Paper Tutorial t-3

If the sizes of the margins that you just cut out are not too small, don’t throw them away because they’ll come in handy later.

3) If you have candle wax chips (like the ones in the image above), you can use them as they are. If you are using normal candles, put them in a plastic bag and smash them with a hammer (very sexy, I know). Just remember to take out the wicks!

Waxed Paper Tutorial t-4

4) Next, place an old towel and a parchment paper on your ironing board. Fold the parchment paper in half, open it again, and place small handful of wax chips. The towel is just a precaution; melt wax is very runny, and you don’t want any wax on your ironing board!

Waxed Paper Tutorial t-5Waxed Paper Tutorial t-6

5) Fold the parchment paper in half, and melt the wax with the iron with low heat.

6) When the wax is melted, open the parchment paper, and place the paper you want to wax between the parchment papers.

Waxed Paper Tutorial t-7Waxed Paper Tutorial t-8

7) Press the iron, again with low heat, in a way that you push the air out. You can tell if the paper is waxed by the colour (it gets darkened); if there is not enough wax to cover the entire paper, add some wax chips and press the iron again.

8) The edges usually get too much wax on, so make sure you push the wax out by ‘push the air out’ motion. When the paper is fully soaked with wax, open the parchment paper and take the waxed paper out.

Waxed Paper Tutorial t-9

9) Place the waxed paper in between printing papers (or the margins you cut out in step 2), and press the iron for a few seconds. The printing papers will soak the excess wax.

Waxed Paper Tutorial t-10

10) Feel the waxed paper with your fingers; if the surface is nice and smooth, you’re done! If there is a rough bit, repeat step 9 until it becomes smooth.

Waxed Paper Tutorial 1

The left one is ‘before’, and the right one is ‘after’. You can see how translucent the paper became after being waxed.

Waxed Paper Tutorial 3

Papers also darken when waxed; I’m comparing each colour with the original colour (right side of each colour is the original, and the left is the waxed version).

Waxed Paper Tutorial 2

These papers are much thicker than the ordinary printing papers, so I wasn’t sure how they might turn out. The orange and yellow ones are quite translucent.

Waxed Paper Tutorial 4

Green one is translucent, though not quite so as the orange and yellow ones. Blue one turned quite dark, and not so translucent.

Waxed Paper Tutorial 7

So, if you’d like your papers to be highly translucent, printing papers work best, I think.

Waxed Paper Tutorial 8

I’ve been spending too much time happily marvelling at these papers! I’ll post an update on what I’m using these for later on. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

I’m linking this tutorial to Flamingo Toes!

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  1. Thank you so much for the link, Julie! Hope you enjoy waxing :D

  2. I was so inspired by this I included a link in my blog. Now I know what I’ve been saving all those bits of paper for!

  3. Yap, it’s kitchen parchment paper. Thanks for stopping by, Ana!

  4. Hi is this parchment paper kitchen parchment paper? thanks!

  5. Oh Tanya, what a difficult question! I’ve never waxed fabric before; technically you can wax fabric the same way as paper, but I don’t think the result would be the same as oil cloth.
    Could you have a look at these posts below on oilcloth and fabric waxing? Hope these help!

  6. can fabrics be waxed too! you know how you get oil cloth etc, is it the same sort of thing?!

  7. thank you for sharing this tutorial! it looks very fun and i can’t wait to try it out :D

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