Aug 24 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Kivu Filament Stacking Rings’

Stacking Rings 5

Hello, there! Today I’m having an Anthropologie knockoff tutorial (yes, again!) that I desperately wanted to share with you before the summer ends.

The last time I was in London, I found these very delicate, very summer-looking stacking rings on sale (unfortunately, we don’t have Anthropologie in Brighton. Sigh…) and fell in love with them. The problem was that there seemed to be only one size available, and none of them fit me… So, although I still want their version (silly me), I decided to make some for consolation.

Stacking Rings anthro

This is the original version (photo credit: Anthropologie); aren’t these just darling? These skinny rings are £16 (sets of three), and I love that the wire wrapped loops are integrated into the design!

What you’ll need:

Stacking Rings tool
  • beads
  • beading wire, about 10cm (I’m using 24 gauge Artistic Wire from Beadalon)
  • embroidery floss
  • a pair of flat-nose pliers
  • a pair of round-nose pliers
  • a pair of wire cutters


Stacking Rings t-1Stacking Rings t-2

1) Let’s start by making a wrapped loop. Grasp one end of the beading wire with round-nose pliers, about 3cm from the edge, and wrap it around the jaw of the pliers to create a loop.

2) With the loop securely grasped with the round-nose pliers, grasp the tail wire with flat-nose pliers, then wind it neatly around the main wire just below the loop for 2 to 3 times.

Stacking Rings t-3Stacking Rings t-4

3) Cut off the excess tail wire with wire cutter, then squeeze down the newly cut tip to make it lie flat so that no sharp edge sticks out.

4) Thread beads to the wire.

Stacking Rings t-5Stacking Rings t-8

5) Put it around your finger and adjust how many beads you put; you are going to make a wrapped loop one more time, so the ring’s length should be about 5mm shorter than the actual ring size.

6) After adding all the beads, make a wrapped loop again at the end of the wire.

Stacking Rings t-9Stacking Rings t-10

7) Bend the ring so that it fits your finger.

8) Cut the embroider floss, about 10cm. I’m using two strands.

Stacking Rings t-11Stacking Rings t-12

9) Thread the floss through the wrapped loops.

10) Tie the knot twice in the middle.

Stacking Rings t-13

11) Cut the excess floss, and you’re done!

Stacking Rings 1


Stacking Rings 3

The ring is very straightforward and easy to make, and I made 5 of them :)

Stacking Rings 2

I can now mix-and-match the rings accordingly to the clothes I’m wearing!

Stacking Rings 4

Gold is my favourite one since it’s the easiest colour to mix with other colours.

I’m also thinking about adapting this ‘wrapped loops + embroidery floss’ method into making some bracelets. Who knew wrapped loops could look this elegant? Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

I’m linking the tutorial on Sassy Sites!, Katie’s Nesting Spot, Shabby Nest and Flamingo Toes!

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5 Commnents to “Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Kivu Filament Stacking Rings’”

  1. Love this ring idea. I have been toying with something like that (I’ve never been to Anthropologie), but I will probably end up connectingwith wire – string just isn’t me. I’m thinking bend the loops up and put a bead there, or loop through the wires and do something bead-y there. Or, match up the loops, wire around them all the way, and have a wired loop at the top…. or something.
    Thanks for this tutorial. It has made me think more.

  2. Love these…can’t wait to make my own. Thanks :)

  3. I love this idea. What about closing with a colored jump ring instead of the floss? I love to wear my rings ALL of the time and I’m afraid the floss would come loose or break. What do you think?

  4. Love these Emi!! I’m so looking forward to making up a bunch of these! Thanks for linking them up to Think Pink Sundays – I featured you today in my Crush of the Week post!

  5. These are so adorable! I would have never thought of doing it that way….so cute! I found you via Flamingo Toes! Thanks for sharing!

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