Aug 25 2011

Tokyo Confidential: Shiba Inu Eyebrows Scandal

I love dogs, always had dogs while growing up, and thought that I knew a thing or two about dogs. And I was wrong.

To give you the rough idea of how shocked I was (not a bad one, just really surprised) when seeing the recent photo of my mother-in-low’s beloved dog in Tokyo, I want to show you the photos of the dog-in-suspect in chronological order.

Shiba Inu 2

This is Chilo, a then-half-year-old Shiba inu that my mother-in-low has (I know, she is super cute).

Shiba Inu 5

This is Chilo, then-one-year-old, getting a good wash from me.

Shiba Inu 7

You can see here that there is an area which is darker than other areas on Chilo’s forehead, sort of ‘v’ shaped.

Shiba Inu 3

This was taken a few months after the previous photo. The said ‘darker’ forehead area is there, but not that distinctive.

Shiba Inu 4

And Chilo when she was one and a half years old, and the photo was taken last January. No, she is not wearing red knickers :) Her winter coat was so heavy that her usual collar didn’t fit.

Shiba Inu 8

And seven months on… She suddenly has eyebrows-looking ‘v’ on her forehead!!!

Shiba Inu 9

See there? Seriously, what on earth…?

Anyways, she is super cute as ever (look how she’s always smiling!). I will investigate further, and will keep you informed about my progress!!

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2 Commnents to “Tokyo Confidential: Shiba Inu Eyebrows Scandal”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Mike! Nah, Chilo’s monobrow is gone, and didn’t come back :) I think it’s summer-time only thing for Shiba!

  2. Haha, cute. My shiba has just done the same thing! She’s 10 months old and within 5 days she suddenly developed comedy eyebrows! Her name is Chiyo, btw. Very similar :D

    Anyway, how is Chilo doing now? V still there? Is Chiyo’s comedy monobrow here to stay?

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