Aug 29 2011

Nail Art: Ombre Nail x French Manicure

Ombre Nail 1

Do you ever have the urge to wear one particular colour on your nails? Well, I sometimes do, and today it was grey. And I also wanted the design to be clean and simple. Yet not too simple. And elegant. I know, sometimes it’s so darn hard to be me!

So, I decided to try ombre nail (colour fade technique) using five different tones of grey polishes on each finger. As for the ‘elegant’ touch, I added French manicure with gold polish.

What I used (from left to right)

Ombre Nail polish
  • miss sporty / 80
  • TopShop / Sketch
  • miss sporty / 420
  • Models Own / NP013 Grey Day
  • TopShop / Cyclone
  • miss sporty / 312

To Get the Look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Apply two coats of each colour on each nail.

3) When the nails are completely dry, apply 312 on each tip to make French manicure.

4) Apply one coat of top coat.

Ombre Nail 2

My only regret is that the tone of the polish I used for my thumb is too light (does this mean that I should buy more grey polish…?). But it’s super easy to achieve this design, and I can’t wait to try ombre nail with different colours!

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