Aug 30 2011

Taste of Summer, Taste of Britain

Taste of Britain 7

I know, I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of August! Before the summer officially ends (I say ‘officially’, because to me the summer never even arrived here!), I want to introduce you to the lovely summery drinks that I’ve been enjoying lately.

Taste of Britain 3

There are a lot of elderflower-related drinks in the UK, and elderflower cordials, especially, shout ‘Britain’ at me because 1) we don’t have cordials or squash in Japan (Calpico is the only drink we dilute with water, I think), 2) I’ve never seen any elderflower-related drinks or food in Japan.

Taste of Britain 4
Taste of Britain 6

Ever since I tried elderflower water for the first time I’ve been hooked. I’ve tried quite a range, and my favourite elderflower cordial is the one from Belvoir Fruit Farms; they taste fresh, they don’t contain any artificial colours or flavouring, and most of all their packaging is ever so cute!

Taste of Britain 1

And my next summery drink is this ‘Rose Lemonade’ by Fentimans. I never thought of rose and lemonade together, and they taste… well, rose and lemonade! I won’t recommend it if you don’t fancy strong smell of rose, but if you do and want to feel like a princess, this drink is for you.

Taste of Britain 2

When I tried the rose lemonade, I assumed that it was British made; I just checked their website and they are American! So, wherever you live, my dearest readers, you might be able to find this exotic drink in your local supermarket :)

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