Sep 12 2011

Nail Art: Pink Stripes x Bow

Pink Stripes x Bow 2

Why do I like bows so much…? Honestly, I haven’t got a clue (I used to HATE bows!) but my obsession for bows haven’t stopped for about a year now. There had been times when I hated all the things girly, and during that time I only wore black or red polishes on my nails… and now my favourite colour is pink and love bows; my parents are the ones who are most surprised by this change in me :) Who knows, this time next year I might be shouting ‘pink sucks!’ and chucking everything pink away!

What I used (from left):

Pink Stripes x Bow polish
  • Paul & Joe / 15
  • miss sporty / French Manicure 03

To Get the Look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Apply three coats of miss sporty on your thumb and middle finger, and two coats of Paul & Joe on the rest of your fingers.

3) When the nails are completely dry, place 5 strips of 2mm width masking tapes on your thumb to make stripes, then apply two coats of Paul & Joe on the gaps (for how to make stripe nail art, please read this post).

4) Place one strip of masking tape on your middle finger as a guidance, and apply two coats of Paul & Joe on the top half of the nail.

5) When the polish is completely dry, peel off the masking tapes. Draw bows on your thumb and ring finger with a black liner-polish, and place rhinestones on each finger.

6) Apply one coat of top coat.

Pink Stripes x Bow 1

You might notice that the colour of Paul & Joe’s pink polish on my nails and the colour of the actual bottle differ from each other. I found out that, with regret, most of Paul & Joe’s pink and red polishes and Essie’s ‘good to go’ top coat doesn’t go well together.

As soon as I applied ‘good to go’, the shade changed to darker/purple-ish tone. I’ve tried 6 other pink/red colours by Paul & Joe, and they all turned darker. Some kind of chemical reaction? Sigh… My other top coats by different brands were fine, so I have to give up on Essie for my love of Paul & Joe!

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