Sep 15 2011

Weird and Wonderful Japanese Sweets

Japanese 7

I received a mysterious and unexpected parcel from my friend the other day. Inside, there were several sweets (or what you’d call ‘candies’ if you aren’t British), which I think will talk about in another post, and these sweets-shaped objects.

Japanese 1

This is the said objects in its original package. Each sweets are about 2.5cm, super tiny. And can you guess what they are? They are ERASERS!

Japanese 2

The packet includes: two donuts with cream filling, two macaroons, one soft ice-cream in a cone and one strawberry pie. It came with a tray as well (how considerate?!).

Japanese 4

Just look at these details! It’s only as big as the tip of my thumb!

Japanese 3

They are toys, of course, and I don’t think they are to be used as erasers.

Japanese 5

Collecting food-shaped or toy-shaped erasers was very common in Japan when I was a kid (I don’t know if it still is) and I can imagine young girls playing with them with dolls.

Japanese 6

But then, here comes the big question: what am I, a soon-to-be-32-year-old, supposed to do with them?

Japanese 13

Example 1: ‘Oh, hello!’, says the tiger. ‘I’m a pastry chef. Would you like to try my pie?’

Japanese 14

Example 2: ‘I said BANANA topping! Die! Die! Die, strawberries!’

Japanese 16

Example 3: (Mexican Wrestler) ‘Feeding time is over, honey!’

(AT-AT) ‘Please, sir, I want some more.’

OK, I’m getting pretty carried away here. Yes, I am 31 years old, and yes, I can still play house…

The thing is, I want to turn them into something useful so that I won’t waste their cute appearances, like making them into magnets or incorporate them into a necklace, even. Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear some good, weird ideas!

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