Sep 19 2011

Nail Art: ‘The City Never Sleeps’

City Never Sleeps 2

I got a new nail polish from Paul & Joe’s Manhattan – Autumn 2011 Collection the other day. It’s called ‘The City Never Sleeps’, and it looks so dazzling! But sadly, the colour doesn’t come out as it is on photos; I’ve tired every possible lighting and White Balance and so on, but the colour looks much darker and more blue in the photos.

City Never Sleeps 3

This is the closest colour I could get; it’s a deep purple polish filled with super-tiny blue and red spangles. It looks stunning, especially in the daylight (the colour really looks different under the daylight and lights inside the house).

What I used (from left):

City Never Sleeps polish
  • Paul & Joe / 018
  • miss sporty / French Manicure 03

To Get the Look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Apply two coats of miss sporty except on your ring finger, and two coats of Paul & Joe on the ring finger.

3) When the nails are completely dry, place masking tapes on the nails (except on ring finger), then apply two coats of Paul & Joe on the top half (for how to use masking tapes on your nails, please read this post).

4) When the polish is completely dry, peel off the masking tapes.

5) Place rhinestones on each finger.

6) Apply one coat of top coat.

City Never Sleeps 1

I’m really disappointed that I can’t show you the exact colour of the polish! It almost looks black in this photo, doesn’t it? Oh, well… Hope my photos didn’t put you off from using this polish :)

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