Sep 21 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Knockoff Tutorial:
Bow Stud Earrings

Marc Jacobs 1

Are you a fan of neon colours? I am (in a small dose, though), and when I found this neon-yellow bow stud earrings (I know, love bows as well) by Marc by Marc Jacobs I instantly fell in love!Marc Jacobs marc

Yes, this is the original Marc by Marc Jacobs version (Photo credit: NET-A-PORTER.COM).  They are sooo cute I could put them in my eyes! But me being me, rather than spending £45 for the pair, I tried to make one myself as usual. So if you are as crazy about bows and neon colours as I am, let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

  • polymer clay
  • X-Acto knife
  • ruler
  • clay model tool (or a toothpick if you don’t have any)
  • parchment paper
  • glue gun
  • a pair of flat earstuds


Marc Jacobs t-1Marc Jacobs t-2

1) Decide what colour of polymer clay you are going to use. I recommend baking small piece of your chosen clay first (if you are new to polymer clay like me, that is) to see how the colour is going to turn out; this will prevent you from getting very disappointed after all your hard work! I wanted the bows to be vibrant, so chose this lemon-yellow one which was the most neon-ish colour I could find at a shop; after baking the bows, they turned much, much darker…

2) Take a small amount of polymer clay onto a clean surface (I placed a sheet of parchment paper on a desk), and knead it between your finger. When the clay is soft enough, flatten it out with round object (anything, really).

Marc Jacobs t-3Marc Jacobs t-4

3) Using a ruler and X-Acto knife, cut the clay into thin strips. You’ll need three strips for each bow.

4) Roll the strips to make them thinner and longer, about 2mm in diameter and 8cm in length.

Marc Jacobs t-5Marc Jacobs t-6

5) Twist an edge of a strip to make a loop.

6) Using a clay model tool (or a toothpick), gently push the point where the clay meets. This will secure the loop.

Marc Jacobs t-7Marc Jacobs t-8

7) Make another loop.

8) And push the point where the clay meets.

Marc Jacobs t-9Marc Jacobs t-11

See? The loops won’t loosen if you do this ‘push’.

9) Repeat step 5 to 8 to make a double bow.

Marc Jacobs t-12Marc Jacobs t-13

10) Cut the legs of the bow with X-Acto knife.

11) Place a strip of clay in the middle of the bow.

Marc Jacobs t-14Marc Jacobs t-15

12) Cut the excess clay, and push the edge of the clay under the legs.

13) Place another strip of clay in the middle, and one bow is done!

Marc Jacobs t-16

14) Repeat step 4 to 13 to make another bow. My bows are about 2cm wide; the original one is 1.3cm (super-tiny!) but this was the smallest I could make!

Now bake your precious bows in the oven accordingly to the instruction (130 degrees for 30 minutes for my Fimo clay).

Marc Jacobs t-17Marc Jacobs t-18

Unfortunately, my lemon-yellow clay turned out to be…dusty, orangey yellow. Not so neon-like, and no, I do not dig this colour! This is why ‘test-bake’ is important if you haven’t used the clay you chose before.

OK, after a near-to-tears disappointment, I made bows with these two colours: two bows with translucent, and two with light blue and translucent mixed together.

Marc Jacobs t-19Marc Jacobs t-20

15) Apply small amount of glue to flat earstuds with a glue gun.

16) Attach the bows to the earstuds, and you’re done!

Marc Jacobs 2

Ta-da! Yes, they aren’t neon-bright, but I love them :) I mixed some glitters in the translucent clay for that extra bling the colour is missing.

Marc Jacobs colour

You can see the glitters more in the white ones. I still want neon-yellow bows, though (sigh).

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and please let me know if there are any neon-coloured polymer clays available (hopefully in the UK)!

I linked the tutorial on Flamingo Toes; make sure you check it!

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3 Commnents to “Marc by Marc Jacobs Knockoff Tutorial:
Bow Stud Earrings”

  1. Neon yellow nail polish! Yap, that sounds like the right way to do it! Thanks Anna, and I shall look up for the polishes you mentioned (just don’t tell my hubby that I’m about to buy another polish!). Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love your blog!! I especially appreciate your detailed jewelry-making tutorials. I’m creative, but man, without anyone teaching me I had no idea what those clamshell clasps and other bits were for. You’ve inspired me to add more charms and beading to my projects now that I see how to do it. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to suggest you try painting these with neon yellow nail polish. Spray paint should work too, but that’s a lot of paint for just earrings. Color Club and Sinful Colors have some pretty crazy hues — I have neon orange from them at home!



  3. OMG I have just revisited playing with clay and outside of irregular pendants and geometric beads, I’ve been looking for something new to create with all the fimo I have invested in….thanks so much for posting this tutorial!!!! I can’t wait to try this out this weekend.

    Oh and by the way I found this great tutorial through Think Pink Sundays!!!

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