Sep 22 2011

Today I Made: Trims & Button Hair Tie

Trims & Button 1

I was organising my craft box, and noticed that I have loads of small scrap fabrics and trims that were probably too small for any project. Any project?, I thought. I couldn’t just waste them, for sure! I started fiddling with them, and after about 30 minutes creative journey this hair tie was born.

Trims & Button 2

I simply sewn black satin trimmings, stripe trimmings and a leaf-shaped lace motif together, then added Swarovski elements with my trusty glue gun. Last but not least, sewn a button onto the black trimmings and threaded through an elastic band.

Trims & Button 4

It’s cute yet chic, no? I’m really glad that I could rescue these bits and bobs :)

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