Sep 23 2011

Bow Hair Tie Tutorial

Bow Hair Tie 2

Continuing from yesterday’s hair tie project, today’s tutorial will show you how to make a hair tie with a bow. It’s very similar to the ‘hair scrunchie with bow’ I made a while back on this post, and it takes much less time :)

What You’ll Need:

Bow Hair Tie inst
  • two pieces of fabric (for bow) 5 x 9cm
  • felt (for loop) 1x 5cm
  • hair tie
  • glue gun
  • embellishment (optional)
  • interfacing (optional)
Bow Hair Tie t-1

1) If you want to add some bling to your bow, this is the time. I sewn on some spangles and beads, and added a Swarovski element with glue gun.

Also, I’m using heavy weight fabric for this bow, but if you are using light weight fabric, I recommend adding interfacing.

Bow Hair Tie t-2

2) Sew the fabric right sides facing with 1cm seam allowance, and leave about 4cm opening in the middle. Trim the four corners so they’ll turn out sharply. Oh, and please use neutral coloured thread for your bow!

Bow Hair Tie t-3

3) Turn the fabric inside out from the opening. You can close the opening by hand stitch, but it’s optional since I’m lazy it won’t show.

Bow Hair Tie t-4

4) Accordion fold along the middle to create the pleats, and hand stitch the centre.

Bow Hair Tie t-5

5) Using a glue gun, add some glue ay the centre of the felt.

Bow Hair Tie t-6

6) Attach the glued part of the felt to the centre of the bow.

Bow Hair Tie t-7

7) Place a hair tie at the back of the bow, add some more glue on an end of the loop, then attach the loop to the bow (so the hair tie is sandwiched between bow and the felt).

Bow Hair Tie t-8

8) Add some more glue to the other end of the loop, and attach it to the felt. You’ll only need a small amount of glue, otherwise the glue will overflow like mine (oops). And you know what? You’re done!

Bow Hair Tie t-4

This is how it looks on my (rather messy) hair. I wanted the bow to be not too small or not too big, sweet but not too sweet. Did I nail it? I hope so!

I linked this tutorial on Flamingo Toes; make sure you check it!

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  1. wow thanks I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to do this forever !!!

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