Sep 26 2011

Nail Art: Holiday Moon Nails

Holiday Moon Nails 1

I’m taking a short holiday from tomorrow, off to Venice for a few days (yay!). The moment I thought of ‘holiday in Venice’, Essie’s ‘Coat Azure’ came up to my mind. It’s shimmery, dusty blue and it looks very elegant (which is very rare for a blue polish, don’t you think?).

Holiday Moon Nails 2

I also wanted to add some holiday glamour, so made flower patterns with rhinestones on my thumb and ring finger.

Holiday Moon Nails 3

I put two very thick topcoats on, and hoping that these tiny metal balls won’t come off during the holiday!

What I used (from left):

Holiday Moon Nails polish
  • Essie / Coat Azure
  • Majolica Majorca / GD892

To Get the Look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Apply two coats of Essie on your fingers (index, middle and little fingers are to be painted as moon nails).

3) On your index, middle and little fingers, draw a thin, gold line with Majolica Majorca (it’s a liner-polish) along the moon nail.

4) Place rhinestones on your thumb and ring finger.

5) Apply one coat of topcoat.

So, I will be away until next week, but will be updating a few posts using ‘scheduled post’ – fingers crossed it’s going to work!

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