Sep 28 2011

Today I Made: Travel Jewellery Case

Travel Jewellery Case 9

I always think ‘Damn, I really need a jewellery roll!’ while travelling. I always promise myself to make one when I get back home, and I never even remember the promise – well, when a holiday ends, it’s pretty difficult to think ahead about next holiday, right? So, after almost a decade later from the first ‘promise’, I finally made a travel jewellery case (hooray!).

Travel Jewellery Case 1

This is the front. I sewn on some spangles and lace trimmings, but wasn’t sure if I should add spangles or not, because I didn’t want them to catch clothes or something in my bag. But I did, anyway – I’m not strong enough to resist sparkly things!

Travel Jewellery Case 2

The cover looks like this when you open it, and…

Travel Jewellery Case 3

It looks like this on the inside. Yes, I’m taking these jewellery for my trip to Venice :)

Travel Jewellery Case 5

Snap buttons are so useful; I can add or take rings easily.

Travel Jewellery Case 7

And, of course, the necklaces won’t get tangled anymore!

So this jewellery case will save me from all the stress of ‘where is my earrings/rings/necklace?’ panic attacks as well as the time spent for de-tangling necklaces. Why haven’t I done this sooner…?


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