Oct 07 2011

Venice Biennale: Arsenale

Continuing from the report of Giardini Pavillions from the 54th Venice Biennale (on this post), today I’m sharing some photos of exhibitions from Arsenale.

 Arsenale 1

by Rashid Johnson

 Arsenale 2

ILLUMInations by Mai-Thu Perret

 Arsenale 3

The Summit of It by Fabian Mrti

 Arsenale 4

HIVEWISE by Navid Nuur

 Arsenale 5

Untitled by Urs Fischer

Fischer created wax candle sculptures that have been melting down slowly since the opening of the biennale. The sculpture in the photo above is a reproduction of Giovanni Bologna’s The Rape of the Sabine Women (1583).

 Arsenale 6

It’s another work by Fischer. You can see that a man’s head had fallen on the floor. Wish I could see the melting procedure!

 Arsenale 7

@ The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavillion: The Black Arch by Raja Alem and Shadia

The photo above is only the bottom part of the work (it was too dark to take any other images). Apparently, it’s their first Venice Biennale participation for Saudi Arabia. Really beautiful, unusual sculpture!

 Arsenale 8

I cannot remember who this work was by, but I really liked the simplicity of it.

 Arsenale 9

@ Turkish Pavillion: Plan B by Ayse Erkmen

This installation, colourful pipes stretching to and from Venice’s canal, is an actual working machine; the pipes suck water from the canal, filter the water, and release clean water back to the canal. Love the idea, and who knew water filteration could be art?!

 Arsenale 10
 Arsenale 11

@ Italian Pavilion

This church was decorated by flower and leave motifs made by bread. Maybe I could make something like this in a much smaller scale…?

We visited many more museums and smaller pavilions that were scattered around the city. And yes, we were inspired so much by all these great ideas and artworks, and of course, the city itself! I will share photos from Venice one last time in the next post, so bye till then :)

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