Oct 10 2011

Photos from Venice Trip: Murano

Murano gondora

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m going to share last bits of photos from Murano, an small island in the Venetian Lagoon that is famous for its glass-making (it would be my last post about Venice trip, I promise you!).

Murano murano

If you have ever stayed in Venice, you must know that the accommodations there are pretty pricey. The first time I visited Venice, I stayed in a budget one-star hotel in the main island (I was a poor student then!) during bitter cold wintertime, and every time I switched on an electric heater the circuit breaker would thrown.

On the second visit, I learned that not staying in the main island would mean better quality accommodation with less price; Mr T and I stayed in Lido, the island famous for hosting Venice Film Festival. The water buses ran smoothly to and from Lido, and the hotel we stayed was much better quality and slightly cheaper than the hotel I stayed several years before.

And this time, we wanted to try staying at different island and we chose Murano. We loved the atmosphere of Murano (less tourists, more locals) but the water buses were less frequent after about nine o’clock at night. The accommodation was a little bit cheaper than the main island, too.

Murano washing
Murano window

We didn’t bring any map or guidebook to Venice, just odd bits of information of restaurants I printed out from the internet (brave or stupid, you decide :)). We had no problem going around Murano without a map because – well, it’s a pretty small island!

Murano city

You’ll find lots of large artworks made of glass here and there in Murano.

Murano glass

Also, there are lots of glass-making studios where you can just hop in and observe artisans’ work. In some studios, you may be asked to pay to go inside; just smile and leave if you wish.

Murano necklace
Murano necklace2
Murano necklace3

If you are after some Venetian glasses, visiting Murano definitely worth it. There are so much more variety with smaller price-tags than in shops in main island! We bought this necklace in Murano, an 88th birthday present for Mr T’s grandma.

Murano water bus
Murano yakei

The best thing about staying in Murano for me was that I could see Venice’s beautiful town lights at night across the sea. Yes, I miss it already! We aren’t sure if we will be able to visit Venice Biennale in two years’ time, but fingers crossed…


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  1. ありがとう、ねえやん!いつかねえやんとベネチアの夜景を見たいもんやわ…♡

  2. あんた、ちょっとーーーー。
    Venetian glassesも、duskの写真も、きれいすぎやし!!

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