Oct 12 2011

Simple Needle Felt Earrings Tutorial

Felt Earrings top

Yes, the felting season is back! I checked my blog (it’s very handy, isn’t it?) and the last felting project I’ve done was cat-shaped pouch back in April. In order to get back my felting technique, I made a simple pair of earrings with felt balls. After about five minutes of felting, my fingers seemed to remember how it worked, but it involved some finger poking, too :) Anyway, if you are new to needle felting, I think making felt balls would be the best first project. And if you have ready-made felt balls, you can just skip to step 5.

You will need:

Felt Earrings tool
  • wool fibre
  • a pair of earwires
  • 2 headpins
  • 2 bead caps
  • felting needle and foam pad/ felting mat
  • awl/ large eyed needle
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
Felt Earrings tool2

I used to use felting mats and foam pads, but they got battered quite easily; now I use ordinary kitchen sponge with a small towel on top. The good things about using kitchen sponges are 1) cheap and work well 2) you can get it from any supermarkets 3) you can use it for cleaning when it had its day. Super!


Felt Earrings t-1Felt Earrings t-2

1) Roll the wool fibre with your finger to create a ball.

2) Place the fibre between your palms and roll it so that the fibre holds together (don’t worry if the ball does not look like a perfect ball). Lay the ball on your felting mat and poke it with the felting needle from every angle. Only move your needle straight up and down; if you move your needle sideways, the tip will break. And be careful not to poke your fingers!

Felt Earrings t-3Felt Earrings t-4

To quicken the felting process, I use this three-needles-stuck-in-one needle to start with. Yes, as you can see, it’s just three felting needles stuck in one with a rubber band :) I switch to a single needle for finishing touches.

3) Keep poking until the fibre is compressed, and roll the ball between your palms time to time to make it perfectly round.

Felt Earrings t-5Felt Earrings t-6

4) When the ball is nicely felted, place the bead cap to make sure it fits nicely.

5) Poke a hole through the ball with an awl or large eyed needle.

Felt Earrings t-7Felt Earrings t-8

6) Thread the head pin through the ball.

7) Thread the head pin through the bead cap, and bend the head pin at abut 60 degree angle.

Felt Earrings t-9Felt Earrings t-10

8) Using round nose pliers, bend the wire into a loop, and cut the excess wire with wire cutters.

9) With round nose pliers, open the loop of the earwire.

Felt Earrings t-11Felt Earrings t-12

10) Assemble the loop to the earwire.

11) Close the loop of the earwire with pliers, and you’re done!

Felt Earrings 2

I love this juicy red colour; a big ‘yes!’ to my monotone winter wardrobe.

Felt Earrings 1

I also used my favourite star-shaped head pins. Looking cute from every angle!

If you don’t want any fluffy fibre coming out from the balls, I recommend rubbing them in warm, soapy water (wet felting process) as a finishing touch after step 4. You can get this ‘non-fluffy’ finish by needle felting as well, but this may leave heavy needle marks on the balls. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and good luck!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I found headpins that are very similar to the ones I used (couldn’t find exactly the same one): http://www.kiwaseisakujo.jp/shop/g/g60578402/
    According to the website, the diameter of the head is 3.6mm, and the length is 30mm.
    Hope you can find similar ones :)

  2. Hello

    awesome, but please can you inform me this size of the head pin used.
    I.e the diameter of the head and length.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks very much, beadinggem :)

  4. Really sweet felt ball jewelry from scratch! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thanks Willy :)

  6. Yes simple but very elegant and royal !!!!!

  7. Hi Julie, I bought the bead caps and the star headpins in Japan a few years ago, and I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly which shop I got them from.

  8. Loved your design, but where did you get the bead caps and star headpins?
    Thanks …

  9. I love your nail design ♥ ♥ ♥ doing it right now :)
    great tutorial :)

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