Oct 17 2011

London at Dusk

London at Dusk 3

Hello lovelies, did you have a great weekend? Mr T and I visited London last weekend, and managed to go for shopping, visit two museums and a launch party (which I will talk about in the next post). We walked along South Bank after dusk, heading to Tate Modern from Waterloo Bridge, and it was so beautiful that we fell in love with London for the second time!

London at Dusk 2

It’s been three months since we moved to Brighton from London, and every time we visited London we thought ‘nowhere can beat Brighton’s chilled out atmosphere’. But seeing the beautiful night scenery in London, we just realised how pretty London was! And I felt a little bit sentimental seeing Big Ben and London Eye from Waterloo Bridge; I used to see this view every weekday from a Double Decker, commuting to work :)

London at Dusk 1

And if you turn around, this is the view from the opposite side of Waterloo Bridge, looking over St. Paul.

London at Dusk 4

We crossed River Thames via Waterloo Bridge first, then walked along South Bank (the south side of the river), then walked back to the north side of River Thames via Blackfriars Bridge (had to take a detour because of construction work), and walked back again to the south side via Millennium Bridge (the bridge that became famous for being featured in Harry Potter film). Yes, we were absolutely knackered when we finally arrived Tate Modern!

London at Dusk 5

We were desperate to see Gerhard Richter’s exhibition, but when we got there we only had about 40 minutes before the museum closed (we cursed having to take the detour). Bit disappointed, but we were soon happy to spend some time seeing the new silent film installation by Tacita Dean.

London at Dusk 6
London at Dusk 7

It looks like an ordinary film installation in the photos, but I tell you, the screen is huge; it stands 13 metres (42 feet) tall!

So this was how we spent the night in London; lots of walking and seeing beautiful things. Hope my legs recover from all the walking soon!

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