Oct 18 2011

Stationery with Creative Minds

Stationery 1

As I told you in the last post, Mr T and I attended a launch party last weekend in London. And I’m happy to announce you that the party was for Toothpic Nations, a theme-based online shop that sell contemporary Asian designs. The shop’s first theme is ‘around the desk’, and Rebecca, the brilliant shop owner with an eye for contemporary and practical designs, introduces various stationery she has discovered from all over Asia.

Stationery 2

Mr T and I were overwhelmed by the quality of the stationery we found at the pop-up shop at the party; they were all unique, sleek and beautiful, and yet perfectly functional!

My favourite one was Block Tray (you can purchase it here) by a Japanese design duo Drill Design. As you can see in the photo, there are 50 sheets of square piece of paper in the box.

Stationery 3

And of course, they are not ordinary piece of paper; as you fold the paper along the creases (just like doing origami) it transforms into a small tray!

Stationery 4

They will come handy when trying to organise your desk, putting small things like paperclips and pushpins. But the moment I saw the tray I knew that it was going to be perfect for putting crafty stuff, especially sorting out my beads :)

Stationery 6

See? Perfect! No more crying after spilt beads!

Stationery 7

And the best thing for me was that the trays can be folded flat again after use. If you have a tiny desk space like me with all these craft materials, you can just put the trays away until next use.

Stationery bag

And…ta-da! Mr T designed the illustration for this cute, limited edition eco bag, which you can purchase here. We were over the moon to get involved in such fun project, so million thanks to Rebecca!

Stationery bag2

Also, 50% of the net proceeds from the eco bag will be donated to Smile café project, a non-profit Japanese organisation aiming to create a recreational hub located in Tsunami affected area (another million thanks to Rebecca, for being so thoughtful and generous).

So, make sure you check Toothpic Nations, and I can assure you that you can find nice pressies there (who wouldn’t like easy X’mas shopping?). Enjoy!

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