Oct 25 2011

Nail Art: Skull & Cross Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails 3
Halloween Nails 2

Hello lovelies, are you getting excited about Halloween? As I mentioned before, this is going to be my first attempt to properly experience Halloween; sad thing is, I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do… I wanted to make sure that at least my nails were Halloween enough, but looking at them now, I’m not so sure they’ve got that punch… Oh well, I’ll live :) Hope you enjoy Halloween nails!

What I used (from left):

Halloween Nails polish
  • Paul & Joe / 018
  • miss sporty / 80
  • fou d’elle / 27

To Get the Look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Apply two coats of miss sporty on your thumb and ring finger, and Paul & Joe on your index, middle and little finger.

3) With fou d’elle, draw a cross on your thumb.

4) Apply a topcoat, and place silver metal balls to create a skull on your ring finger. Place rhinestones for the eyes.

5) Apply a topcoat, and place star-shaped holograms on your index finger.

6) Apply one coat of top coat.

Halloween Nails 1

I’m really happy with how the skull turned out. But… as you can see in the photo, the colour of the star-shaped holograms bled as I applied top coat (they are originally blue). I’ll have to repaint my index finger, and next time I’ll use different brand’s top coat.

Anyway, what your Halloween nails look like? Leave me a link if you are having special design!


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