Mar 17 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, 1

Hello lovelies! This is going to be my first nail art tutorial, and I’m very excited to show you how to create gradation nails. It’s super easy to achieve, and yet it can be applied to many different designs. There might be different and better ways of making gradation, but me being not a professional nail artist means that this is a very easy way!

What I used

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, polish

Paul & Joe /011

*Translucent colours work best for the gradation effect, but you can use pretty much any nail polish as long as it’s very light in texture, and not matte. My choice of polish is lilac with pearly shimmer; it’s not translucent, but it works because it’s very light.

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, tutorial1Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, tutorial2

1) Apply a thin coat of nail polish all over the nail. 2) Apply thin second coat on 4/5 of the nail.

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, tutorial3Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, tutorial4

3) Apply thin third coat on 3/5 of the nail. 4) Apply thin fourth coat on 2/5 of the nail.

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, tutorial5Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, tutorial6

5) Apply thick fifth coat on tips of the nail. 6) Apply a thick top coat. The uneven lines will be smoothed by this, like in the picture.

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, real nail1

This is how the gradation looks on my real nails.

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, real nail2

If you’re in a hurry or your nail polish has thicker texture, you can do as little as three coats to create the gradation (I’ve done four coats on my real nails).

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradation Nails, real nail3

The tips for creating perfect gradation are: 1) always apply thin coats, 2) smooth the lines with top coat. Yes, that’s it. Easy, isn’t it? Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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  1. Oooh, I would have never thought of that!

  2. Thanks Masa :) I’m sure you’ll enjoy the result!

  3. amazing! I didn’t think it could be so easy! :)

  4. Thanks for your comment, Yuko! I knew you’d like the design :)
    And yes, as you say, we have to remind ourselves everyday how fortunate we are, and also have to think about what we can do for the people who are affected by the disaster. I love you, and hope you don’t have to go to sleep without crying soon xxx

  5. I like your design! very springish!
    I will try, sounds quite easy as you mention.
    I’ll see…..

    btw, as you know, Japan is in an unprecedented disaster though,
    we will surely get over this crisis, won’t we?

    I think I have to live every day, every moment with lots of love and thankfulness
    as a Japanese who is fortunately in no damaged area.

    Keep smile! Be positive!

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