Oct 28 2011

Craft Tutorial: Stiffened Fabric Bookmark

Fabric Bookmark4

I’m so excited that over the weekend, my friend K and her husband are coming down to Brighton for the first time since we moved here – and then I remembered; she had asked me to make her a bookmark (which was quite a while ago. Oops). I looked around my craft supplies for some inspirations, and I found this mighty tool.

Fabric Bookmark tool

Ta-da! Stiffen Stuff, baby! As you can guess from the name, it’s a fabric stiffener (I got it from Amazon UK for about £8). I have a lot of fabric scraps, so I decided to upcycle them into pretty (and dead easy) bookmarks :)

What you’ll need:

  • Stiffen Stuff or other fabric stiffener
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • trims or cords
  • puncher
  • iron


Fabric Bookmark t1Fabric Bookmark t2

1) Cut out the fabric into your desired shape. I’m using printed fabric; the birds are heavy-weight fabric, and the owls are light-weight fabric, and they both worked fine.

Fabric Bookmark t3

2) Spray the fabric stiffener until the fabrics are wet. Lay them on a kitchen paper and microwave them until they are dry (mine took about 50 seconds).

Fabric Bookmark t4

See how stiff they are? Brilliant! The light-weight fabrics weren’t stiff enough, so I sprayed some more stiffener and microwaved for another 30 seconds.

Fabric Bookmark t5

3) Iron the fabrics with medium heat for a smooth finish (without the steam).

Fabric Bookmark t6

4) Make a hole with a puncher.

Fabric Bookmark t7

5) Thread trims or cords, and you’re done (told you it was easy)!

Fabric Bookmark 3

I love how they turned out! My friend loves owls, so hopefully she’ll be happy, too :)

Fabric Bookmark 2

Oh, and yes, I named my blog ‘Small Good Things’ after the title of this story (by Raymond Carver). I used to be a total bookworm, and I once read over 100 books in a year when I was studying literature translation. I really miss reading, but at the same time, I quite like spending most of my free time creating something (and on this blog, of course).

Fabric Bookmark 1

I think they may be perfect for stocking fillers as well… what do you think? Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

I’m linking the tutorial on Katie’s Nesting Spot, Sassy Sites!, Flamingo Toes and Today’s Creative Blog; make sure you check them!

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4 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial: Stiffened Fabric Bookmark”

  1. Thanks Truebluemeandyou :) I’ve seen so many good projects using the stiffeners on your blog, and can’t wait to make something pretty!

  2. I post a lot of crafts that use fabric stiffener i.e. lace bracelets etc… and this is another really cute use for it. Love the fabric you chose :)

  3. Thank you Bev! I’m sure you can get the stiffener there, because mine says it’s imported from the US :)

  4. These are super cute Emi!! I love the fabrics you chose – and you’re so right – they’d be great stocking stuffers! I’ll have to check Amazon and see if we can get that stiffener in the US!

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