Nov 01 2011

Nail Art: 8 Colours Random Dot Nails

Random Dot 2

Happy November, lovelies! Did you have wonderful Halloween? Guess what, after all these expectations and buying bags of sweets, no one came for Trick or Treating… Yes, Mr T and I were a little bit disappointed. But hey, we have these sweets for ourselves…

Random Dot 3

Anyway, as this is the first November nail art post, I wanted my nails to be fun and colourful. Don’t they look fun? It was actually a lot of fun painting them, too :)

How to get the looks:

Random Dot 1

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Put a few drops of nail polishes on paper or plastic cups (I’m using 8 different polishes).

3) Take a small amount of polish with a cotton bud, and apply it to make a few dots. Repeat this process with each colour.

4) Apply one coat of top coat.

Random Dot 4

I was surprised how easy it was to create the design! Also, it was nice to use these polishes I hardly use (neon yellow, green and light blue). And I feel quite creative just looking at the combination of the colours :)

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  1. I love it! In middle/high school we were all required to get TI-83 calculators, which have a slide-on cover. I decorated the entire top of the cover this way, with a big handful of nail polishes! Thanks for reminding me!

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