Nov 02 2011

Trip to Seven Sisters Cliffs

Seven Sisters 4

Last weekend, I made a short trip to Seven Sisters cliffs in East Sussex with Mr T and my friends. The cliffs are made of chalk, and the white cliffs look absolutely beautiful against the blue sky… in the pictures I’ve seen online. Unfortunately, we didn’t have such luck; we had typical English weather that day, endless grey skies and misty rains here and there…

Seven Sisters 7
Seven Sisters 1
Seven Sisters 2
Seven Sisters 5

It was about 40 minutes drive away from Brighton to Seven Sisters Country Park, and about 30 minutes walk to the cliffs through a beautiful field.

Seven Sisters 3
Seven Sisters 9

Then, the field suddenly turned to pebble beach. The water was much clearer than at Brighton beach, and yes, it was much windier, too!

Seven Sisters 6

I’m hoping, one day in near future, that I could take Mr T’s and my mum to the cliffs. And I’m also desperately hoping that the next time I visit there, there would be a blue sky :)

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