Nov 03 2011

Tilt-Shift Photos; Miniature Faking website

Tilt-Shift Photos brighton

I’m a big fan of tilt-shift photos, but never bothered using PhotoShop (or didn’t have the skill to do so, to be honest) to modify my normal photos into fake miniature ones. But then I discovered this brilliant website TiltShift Maker, which is a web-based image manipulator that allows you to fake it. It’s super easy to use, and the best part is, it’s FREE!!!

Before (Image: Dusseldorf, Germany)

Tilt-Shift Photos d


Tilt-Shift Photos d2

See? Diorama illusions! You can directly upload images from your computer, and you can also adjust how much blurring you want.

Before (Image: Kyoto, Japan)

Tilt-Shift Photos k


Tilt-Shift Photos k2

I’m so hooked. I cannot help faking it, seriously!

Tilt-Shift Photos f&c

There are photos, like this Fish & Chips image, that won’t look like miniature, though. I think close-up photos are quite difficult to fake.

Tilt-Shift Photos kyoto

Image: Kyoto, Japan

Tilt-Shift Photos prague

Image: Prague, Czech Republic

Tilt-Shift Photos rye

Image: Rye, UK

Tilt-Shift Photos s

Image: Seven Sisters, UK

Image: Burano (Venice), Italy

Aren’t they adorable?! They have colour enhance effect as well, and I love how vivid the colours become. Don’t blame me if you become addicted, though :)

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