Nov 09 2011

Today I Made: Felted Sweaters

Felted Sweaters top
Have you felted, accidentally or intentionally, your wool sweaters before? I have done it a few times accidentally, quite many years ago, when I washed my sweaters in washing machines. And last week I’ve done it again – this time, to my horror, one of Mr T’s favourite sweaters… It didn’t shrink thatmuch (or so I protested), but it was quite a tight fit; when he stretched his arms above his head, I could see his belly (I insisted that it kind of looked ‘young and fashionable’). Instead of getting upset, though, Mr T simply told me to ‘make something fabulous’ with it :)Felted Sweaters 1
So I felted the sweater further by rubbing it in hot, soapy water. The beige sweater is roughly the same size as the original size of the one I felted. I couldn’t believe how much it shrunk!

Felted Sweaters3
You can see that the wool is really dense. To get to this stage, it took me about one hour of hard work – yes, you can felt your sweaters with washing machine, but I wanted to try it with my own bare hands!

Felted Sweaters 4
I also felted one of the sweaters my friend gave me for felting purpose; it was only 60% wool, but it did felt quite nicely. And what would I do with these sweaters? Well, there are so many different projects that I want to try, and I can’t decide! Here are some of my inspirations:

Felted Sweaters Wooly Baby
Amazingly cute baby slippers made with recycled sweaters by Wooly Baby (Photo credit: Wooly Baby).

Felted Sweaters iPad case
This colourful iPad case is by My Poppet (photo credit: My Poppet), and her tutorial is so easy to follow!

Felted Sweaters oven mitt
Oh yes, I can think of a few people who might need these cute little oven mitts (including myself)!(photo credit: The Purl Bee)

Felted Sweaters throw
And who could resist this gorgeous patchwork throw? (photo credit: The Purl Bee) I haven’t made any patchwork (or quilt) before, but it seems straightforward enough for me to make one!

See? There are too many great ideas that my head is going to explode… But before deciding on the project, I have loads more sweaters to felt (thank you K, I love you!). But maybe this time I would use washing machine rather than hand felt them :)

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