Nov 16 2011

Glamming Up Simple Gloves

Simple Gloves 6

I just bought a pair of gloves yesterday; they each have three little leather bows, and that’s it. Very simple (well, for my wardrobe, anyway). I love the shape, colour and the tiny bows, but I wanted to add some personal touches and… well, some bling!

Simple Gloves tsumori

Then I found this cute gloves by one of my favourite Japanese designers, Tsumori Chisato, and fell in love with them instantly (photo from here). Those rings are absolutely gorgeous! It does come with a big price tag, though – the pair cost \9,975 (about £82 or $130). Well… no, no thank you :) But I was inspired by this ‘sew-on ring’ idea nonetheless, so here goes my tutorial!

You’ll need:

Simple Gloves tool
  • a pair of gloves
  • embellishments
  • needle and thread


Simple Gloves 2

Well… you won’t really need instructions, I guess :) Just sew on the embellishments on your gloves, as much as you like! I chose fresh water pearls for my left index finger.

Simple Gloves 3

And gold beadcaps and pearls on my left little finger.

Simple Gloves 4

For the right ring finger, a rhinestone and gold seed beads.

Simple Gloves 5

And yes, you’re done already :)

Simple Gloves 8

I only sew the rings on the top parts of the gloves (except the seed beads) because I cycle pretty much everyday, and I need a good grip on the handles; I think it’ll look cuter if I could sew the beads all around, though!

Simple Gloves 7

I absolutely love how it turned out, and such an easy way to glam up simple gloves! Hope you’ll enjoy glamming up your gloves, too :)

I’m linking this tutorial on Katie’s Nesting Spot, Sassy Sites!, Shabby Nest and Flamingo Toes; make sure you check them!

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