Nov 23 2011

Felt Ball Mat Tutorial

Felt Ball Mat 2

Hello lovelies, how is your Christmas presents preparation going? I am, in fact, in a state of panic; Mr T and I are going back to Japan in two weeks for one month (yay!), and we have to get everything done – everything including work, lovely tax calculation, sending out Christmas cards, getting souvenirs and Christmas presents for friends and families… So, while sorting out all the above, I am frantically making some Christmas presents. And today, I made a small mat (or you may call it ‘a rather big coaster’) using felt balls for my mum.

Felt Ball Mat  hay
Felt Ball Mat  bth

I was going to make a felt ball rug at first, like the images above (photo from here and here), but oh how I was defeated! I spent so many hours making felt balls, but in the end I just didn’t have enough time. So, if you have felt balls (made ones or bought ones) rolling around your house, follow me and make some coasters!

You’ll need:

  • felt balls (I used 68 felt balls, and the mat is about 14cm in diameter)
  • needle and strong thread (I used waxed cord)


Felt Ball Mat t1

1) Thread the needle and string up the felt balls.

Felt Ball Mat t2

2) Keep on going…

Felt Ball Mat t3

3) When you think you have enough felt balls on string, roll the string into a tight circle and see if you need to add more balls. When you finish threading the balls, make sure you ‘squash’ the balls together a little bit before tying a knot at the end; this will prevent the thread from showing later.

Felt Ball Mat t4

4) Next, start sewing each balls together tightly from the edge. Enter the thread from the side  (for example, from between the yellow ball and the red ball in the picture), and exit out the needle at a 90 degrees angle so that the thread won’t show.

Felt Ball Mat t5

5) And continue sewing the balls together (in this photo, red to pink, pink to dusty blue, dusty blue to blue, blue to black and so on). This is a bit tricky at first; try to keep the circle shape while sewing, and try not to make gaps between the balls!

Felt Ball Mat t6

6) When you finish connecting the balls, try and make a knot on the ball that is the same colour as the thread.

Felt Ball Mat 3

You’re done, and ready to admire your hard work :)

Felt Ball Mat 1

I made it for my mum, but I want it for myself as well! It brings colour and warmth to the room, and it does feel warm, too :)

Felt Ball Mat 5

One advice from me if you are using needle felted balls; make sure you felt the balls nice and dense, then wet felt them as a finishing touch. This will make the felt balls much more durable, and will prevent them from shrinking when you give it a wash. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)

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6 Commnents to “Felt Ball Mat Tutorial”

  1. I ve just updated the felt ball rug post with approx number of balls required for an average size rug. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi,

    I have just started making my first table mat and was only able to do this after reading your site. After attaching a few balls, I remembered I had a curved surgical needle in my stash, and have found this the easiest way of sewing them together. I have found it difficult to keep track of which ones I have sewn, but it won’t matter if some get two goes.

    I can see it being addictive.


  3. Hi!

    I was wondering if you know how to make the layered and square mats?


  4. It’s nice tutorial. There is another way to make the felt ball rug too. It’s by attaching the single ball in the thread one by one, you should use nylon thread to be safer. If you need cheaper felt balls then we supply that,

  5. I know, it’s quite tricky, isn’t it? I try and keep the felt balls as flat as possible by 1) rolling the string into a circle, as tightly as possible 2) moving the felt balls as little as possible. You can see in the photo (step 5) that I only move the felt ball that I’m going to sew slightly upwards so that the circle doesn’t loose its shape. Hope this tips help!

  6. Hi

    I love how you made this, I’m busy doing the same thing but can’t seem to sew the balls together in a circle and keep it flat on the floor. Are you able to shed any light on the best way to sew the balls together once they have all been threaded into a single piece of thread?

    Thanks so much! :-)


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