Mar 20 2011

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 1

Today, I’d like to share a tutorial on how to make cute, colourful rings with needle felting technique. It’s quick and easy, so it’d be a perfect project for first-time felter or children too. Just remember; be careful not to poke your fingers because the felting needle really, really hurts!

You will need:

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 2Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 3
  • wool fibre (Pingu ruler is 12cm; it should give you a rough idea how much wool is needed for one ring)
  • felting needle and foam pad/ felting mat
  • beads or any embellishments
  • sewing needle and thread

*You can use foam pad or felting mat for needle felting. I used to use foam pad, but it does get battered quite easily. Now I use ordinary kitchen sponge with a very thin sheet of foam on top (as in the picture); it’s cheap and works well, and when the sponge gets battered, I can still use it for cleaning!


Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 4

1) Place the fibre between your palms and roll it so that the fibre holds together.

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 5

2) Wrap it around your finger to make the ring-shape; it will shrink slightly so wrap it loosely.

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 6

3) Put the fibre in between your index finger and thumb, and roll it around so that the fibre holds together.

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 7

4) Lay the fibre on your foam/mat and poke it with the felting needle from every angle. Only move your needle straight up and down; if you move your needle sideways, the tip will break off. And be careful not to poke your fingers!

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 8

(5) Keep poking the needle until the fibre is compressed.

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 9

(6) Sew on the embellishments.

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 10

And voila! Cute and easy!

Needle Felting Ring Tutorial 11

The dark navy ring is made with Romney wool, and the pink and purple ones with Merino wool; Romney felts quicker but it has rougher finish with flyaway fibres, as you can see in the pictures. For smoother finish, I recommend Merino or wet felting afterwards.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Lea! You can gently hand-wash them in warm water (without soap/detergent) or in cold water using mild soap. Basically, the ring would shrink with the combination of warm water + soap/detergent + friction.
    Hope this helps xx

  2. Beautiful! But how should they be cleaned if they get dirty or dusty? Any suggestions for care would ne lovely! :)

  3. Thanks Sara :)

  4. love them too..nice idea

  5. Love these.. will have to give them a try..
    thanks so much for posting..

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