Nov 30 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Tutorial:
Felted Soap

Felted Soap 4

How’s your Christmas shopping going, lovelies? I am proud to tell you that after brain-melting hours of shopping (on and off the internet), Mr T and I no longer have to suffer; yes, we actually finished Christmas shopping before December even starts!! And we have 5 days to wrap and send them before we head back to Japan :) And before getting my hands on wrapping these pressies, I wanted to make some felted soaps that I saw at Anthropologie’s.

Felted Soap anthro

This is the Anthro version; isn’t it just pretty? (photo credit; Anthropologie) The felted soap works as a scrubbie; very soft against the skin, and the soap lasts much longer, too. And the best part is that when the soap finally dissolves, you can cut the felt open and reuse it by putting another soap bar inside. Are you tempted? If you are looking for last minute stocking fillers, I think felted soaps would be the perfect project :)

You’ll need:

  • bar of soap
  • wool rovings
  • cord or trim, and thread and needle (optional)


Felted Soap t-1

1) Gently pull off a tuft and lay them in 2 layers (vertically and horizontally), and place your soap on top.

Felted Soap t2

2) Wrap the soap tightly in the wool and make sure the tufts are laid evenly and there are no holes. If the soap is completely covered, gently sprinkle hot water on the wool.

Felted Soap t3

3) Add thin layer of the second colour tuft on top of the wet wool, and place small amount of liquid soap (any kind is fine) and gently stroke the wool. When the wool’s surface stops shifting when you stroke it, rub it hard until it holds together. If you pinch the wool and the layers don’t lift up, the felting is done; if they do lift up, keep on rubbing!

When it’s felted nice and firm, dry the felted soap.

*If the wool takes long time to felt, try putting it in cold water, then dipping in hot water. Repeating this between rubbing the wool will quicken the felting process.

Felted Soap t4

4) And this is totally optional, but I think adding a cord or trim at the top is quite useful; you can hang it dry so that it dries quickly after each use.

Felted Soap 2

See? No need for soap holder this way, and no worries for soggy soap!

Felted Soap 1

They really bring big colours to the bathroom! I was tempted to make some more (it only takes about 10 minutes to make one), but I ran out of soaps! Also, I’m curious how far they are going to felt by the time the soaps dissolve (theoretically, wool keeps on felting as long as it gets frictions under soapy, warm water). I’m really excited to try and see it myself now! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and happy felting :)

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Felted Soap”

  1. Hello Sofia! I simply sewed trims/cord on my felted soap – but to do this, you have to REALLY felt it, otherwise the felt won’t be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the soap. Hope this helps xx

  2. Hi! I’m just beginning to the art of felting soap :) but i wonder, how do you add the cord or trim at the top? l think it’s best to put it around the soap leaving the tip out and felt around it, but how do i put it if the soap is already felted?

  3. Thank you Sara!

  4. OH gosh. thats PERFECT… thanks for that ideas… next xmas is comming ;-)… have a great creative time.. i always love to ” discover ” your Blog

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