Dec 02 2011

Nail Art: Black x Glitter Party Nail

Black x Glitter Party Nail 1
Black x Glitter Party Nail 3

Happy December, lovelies! I LOVE December, because it’s truly a party time for me; my birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas all happen during the month, and I don’t have to make any excuse while stuffing my face with cakes :) So, in order to celebrate my favourite time of the year, today’s nail art is fun and easy ‘party nail’. And no, you don’t have to buy any new polish for a bit of sparkle, ladies!

What I used:

Black x Glitter Party Nail tool
  • star-shaped hole puncher
  • craft glitters

To get the look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) When the nails are completely dry, place masking tapes on the nails (except on middle finger). For the thumb, I used a hole puncher to cut out the masking tape into a star shape.

3) Apply two coats of black polish on every finger.

4) While the nails are still wet, gentle peel off the masking tapes. Sprinkle glitters on thumb, middle and ring finger. For the index and the little finger, place a few glitters along the polish lines.

5) Apply one coat of top coat.

Black x Glitter Party Nail2
Black x Glitter Party Nail tool2

These are the glitters I used (I got them from a craft shop for 80p). It’s much (seriously, much) cheaper to buy glitters than buying nail polishes, and I like the idea that I can control (kind of) how much glitters get on the nails, and I can also mix different kinds of glitters.

The only important thing is; make sure you paint your nails one hand at a time, otherwise you can’t sprinkle the glitters (unless, of course, you have your kind friend/ husband/ kids at your side)! Have a great weekend everyone :)


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