Jan 31 2012

Busy being spoiled…

I know it’s a bit too late to say this, but… Happy New Year, everyone! How’s 2012 treating you? As the title says, Mr T and I have been very busy getting spoiled in Japan during the last 40 days, and we are now frantically trying to get back to the normal life here in Brighton. I will be sharing some photos from the trip in the next couple of posts, but first, please allow me to share my greatest memories of Japanese food!

japanese food 1

Saltwater eel with rice. Sounds weird? They are absolutely gorgeous!

japanese food 3

Salmon and salmon caviar hors d’oeuvre. Since it was during the Christmas season when we visited the restaurant, most of the food was arranged in ‘Christmassy’ style. The white sledge is made of carved Japanese radish; how sweet?!

japanese food 4

Puffer fish Sashimi (already eaten partly by my mum)

japanese food 5

Sashimi entree (tuna, scallops and squid)

japanese food 6

Cute bento lunch meal. Inside the bag, there are…

japanese food 7

these goodies, including chicken karaage, grilled fish, vegetables with miso sause etc.

japanese food 8

And the lunch meal didn’t finish there; it came with individual shabu shabu!!! I was so stuffed!

japanese food 9

Boiled swimming crabs, one for each!

japanese food 10

My mum also prepared this big platter of sashimi :) Told you I was spoiled!

japanese food 11

And last but not least, my favourite Japanese fast-food; rice burgers from Mos Burger (Japanese fast-food restaurant chain). These are Tsukune (chicken meatball), Kakiage (veg and seafood Tempura) and Yakiniku (BBQ beef). Yummy!

I cannot believe how much food we’ve eaten there, and also how much effort my mum and my mother-in-law put in order to stuff our bellies. Thank you so much again for both mums, and yes, we love you!!!


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2 Commnents to “Busy being spoiled…”

  1. Wow, lucky you for having a Chinese boyfriend! I love LOVE Chinese food (of course, I love Italian food, too)!
    I was trying to think of some simple Japanese food recipes (most food are quite simple, though) but I realised that most Japanese food needs Dashi (Japanese cooking stock).
    I’ll think of something that involve only ingredients you can buy from normal supermarkets, and will make a post on it in the near future!

  2. Hey how come I’ve noticed this just now D: Everything seems so yummy :Q
    Thanks to my chinese boyfriend I’m trying a lot of new asiatic dishes, the taste is so different compared to italian food but I like it just as much :D
    Ok, now I’m hungry xD Do you mind if I ask if you have some recipes?

    (Thanks for replying to my comments by the way, you’re very kind :D )

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