Feb 02 2012

Best ‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour in Tokyo

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 6

If you are staying in Tokyo, and want to try and experience traditional Japanese food and culture in just one day, I strongly recommend participating a tour hosted by Hato Bus, which offers sightseeing bus tours in Japanese, English and Chinese.

My mother-in-law invited my mum, my brother, Mr T and I for this ‘eat-till-you-drop’ one-day tour back in December. And oh, we had such a blast and we were only a few seconds away from dropping dead, of course from eating too much!!

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 8

@9:00 AM

We left Tokyo station and went to Tsukiji Fish Market. And… had Sushi for breakfast! What a way to start the day!

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 5

We had 1 hour to look and shop around Tsukiji market; there are loads of shops that sell seafood, traditional Japanese sweets and so on (the photo at the very top is also from the market, selling pickled vegetables).

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 9


We headed to Asakusa and had Tempura for an early lunch. I know, it’s getting hard-core.

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 4

Asakusa is a downtown famous for its many temples and shopping arcade. We had 1 hour to walk around.

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 10

If you walk through the arcade, packed full of tourists most of the year, you can find lots of shops that sell traditional (and kitsch, may I say) handcrafts (such as textiles, plateware and paper crafts) as well as traditional food. My mum shopped like a maniac in this rice cracker shop :)

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 11

Since there were so many shops offering street food, we nibbled here and there at the arcade (which we shouldn’t have done). My favourite was ice-cream sandwiched between crispy wafers; Mr T had green tea flavour and mine was sweet bean paste flavour. Yum!

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 3

5-story pagoda, a part of Sensoji (Senso Temple). No, we didn’t have enough time to visit the temple because… we spent all our time shopping and eating!

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 12

On the way to the next destination, we passed Tokyo Sky Tree, our brand new broadcasting tower; it’s the tallest tower in the world (634 meters high) at the moment.

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 1

After stopping by at Edo Tokyo Musem, we headed to Shibamata, another temple town that has good, old days’ nostalgic atmosphere.

‘Eat-Till-You-Drop’ Tour 14


Our final meal at a restaurant, famous for its eel meals. We had eel with rice, fish soup, pickled vegetables and vegetable dishes. ‘Stuffed’ was not the word; we literately could not eat or move anymore!

So, this was by far the best bus tour I’ve had in my whole life. They even gave us two bags of Japanese sweets to take home! This ‘eat-till-you-drop’ tour is only hosted in Japanese, unfortunately, but there are similar English tours hosted by the same company, or you could simply enjoy the tour without understanding a word of Japanese; you only need a big enough stomach!

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