Feb 03 2012

Using Fruits & Veg for Decoration

Fruits & Veg 1

Although I love flowers and plants, I must admit that I’m really bad at growing and arranging them. Even when I come up with a few ideas about floral designs, by the time I put some flowers in a vase, my hands stop because they always look somehow ‘off’.

So, when I went back home to see my parents, I was quite anxious to learn a thing or two about flower arrangements from my mum. Mum loves to use whatever plants she finds in her garden; since it was December and there were not so many plants available, she included a lot of vegetables and fruits in her design.

Fruits & Veg 3
Fruits & Veg 4

For the living room, Mum used winter cherry, gourd and some red chillies (yes, chillies!). My dad made the wooden stands (forgot to ask what kind of wood they were, though).

Fruits & Veg 7

And by the staircase, there was this cute branch of Nashi pear Mum saved from her garden.

Fruits & Veg 6

This arrangement at the entrance hall was my favourite; wintery but warm, and very eclectic!

Fruits & Veg 2

Dad also made this desk (where the arrangement was laid out) out of 200-300 years old tree; the tree was originally grown in a temple, but was struck down by a thunder.

Fruits & Veg 5

I also learnt that Mum was a collector, just like me, and collects lots of different things. One of them was ‘round cushions’. Odd…(but cute)!

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