Feb 06 2012

Hello from Mr & Mrs Weird

Mr & Mrs Weird 1

Happy Monday everyone, and hope you had lovely weekend! Today’s post has nothing to do with crafts or holiday in Japan, but I just cannot NOT to post it :)

I was going through my craft box, looking for balloons for my next project. Then I found these weird but cute balloons my dear friend, Ms. OMG I Found Weird Stuff I Must Send It To Emi, had sent me couple of months ago (she also sent me these sweets-shaped erasers before).

Mr & Mrs Weird 2

‘Hello’, says Mrs Weird.

Mr & Mrs Weird 3

‘Hello’, says Mr Weird.

Mr & Mrs Weird 4

‘…’, their son doesn’t say anything because he is pissed off.

Mr & Mrs Weird 5

But they are happy together! Hahahahaha, hahahahaha…

Mr & Mrs Weird 6

OK, I got carried away. I appologise. And no, he is not pissed off, he is just a little bit upset because he doesn’t know why the hell he and his family have these three lines under their mouths, that’s all.


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