Feb 08 2012

Nail Art Tutorial:
Heart & Bow Nails for Valentine’s Day

Heart & Bow Nails 3

Continuing from yesterday’s Pinterest Challenge, today’s nail art is something I got inspired by my Pinterest Board (if you are interested in my nail art dedicated board, check out my ‘Mani-spiration’ board here).

Heart & Bow Nails disco

Photo credit: Disco Nails

Heart & Bow Nails lim

Photo credit: atelier + LIM

These are my inspirations; how pretty are they?! I wish I had enough skills to draw the cats on my nails, too!

What you’ll need:

  • toothpick
  • masking tape
  • pen
  • X-Acto knife
  • parchment paper/baking paper
  • rhinestones
Heart & Bow Nails 1

To get the look:

*I recommend painting your nails one hand at a time, unless you have kind friend/ sister/ partner/ kid next to you who could peel off the masking tapes for you!

1) Apply two coats of nail polish. For my index and little fingers, I used masking tape to nake straight lines. For the middle finger, draw a half circle (like drawing a reverse French nail). And for the little finger, draw a half circle at the tip after the base polish is dry.

2) While you are waiting for your nails to dry, stick two small pieces of masking tapes on parchment paper; each piece should be big enough to cover your nails on thumb and middle finger.

3) Draw three small bows on the masking tape for thumb, and one bow for the middle finger. Cut out the bows with X-Acto knife.

Heart & Bow Nails 2

4) Now, put these masking tapes on your thumb and middle finger, and make sure there is no space between your nails and masking tapes.

5) Apply nail polish in the gaps of cut-out bows, and peel off the masking tape while the polish is half-dry.

6) Add rhinestones on the middle of bows.

7) For the hearts on the ring finger, use a toothpick to make two tiny dots next to each other, then drag the dots down (aim for ‘v’ shape) and connect them. Retouch the shape with toothpick, and one heart is done. Repeat the process to draw lots of hearts.

8) Apply one coat of top coat, and yes, you’re finally done!

Heart & Bow Nails 4

My Valentine’s Day nail art with Mr & Mrs Weird’s son (sorry, I couldn’t resist it!).

I’m loving this new way (well, for me, anyway) of stencil-ish painting with masking tapes, because now I don’t have to worry about shaky hands (especially my left hand) :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Heart & Bow Nails for Valentine’s Day”

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