Feb 09 2012

‘Goodies from Japan’ Giveaway!!

Giveaway 7-1

***This Giveaway is Now Closed***

As I promised you my very first giveaway, I have these goodies that I brought back from Japan! They are, for me, the cream of Japanese crafts :) Now, let me show you what I’ve got here for you.

Giveaway 13

‘Year of the Dragon’ mini paper bags, about 12 x 7cm. There are 3 pouches inside.

Seahorses are called ‘Tatsu no otoshigo’, meaning ‘dropped child of dragon’. Yes, we Japanese aren’t blind, and we still think that seahorses look like dragons :)

Giveaway 10

Hand dyed cotton cloth, 110 x 34cm.

It features a very popular and traditional pattern called ‘Mitsudama-tsunagi (joined three dots)’. It’s quite a long cloth, and I can imagine using them in lots of different projects!

Giveaway 12

Japanese Masking Washi Tape, 1.5cm x 15m.

Giveaway 14

The pattern is called ‘Musical Band’, and there are cute animals playing music.

Giveaway 9

Japanese Washi stickers, about 2 x 2.5cm each, and there are 12 stickers.

This traditional dog design is called ‘Inu(dog) hariko(papier-mache)’ and is usually used as a good luck gift for pregnant women or children.

Giveaway 8-1

And yes, these doggies are my favourite; they are so cute! But just between you and me, I’d been believing that these dogs are actually cats until my mum-in-law told me so about 2 months ago… Oops!

Giveaway 7-1

So, these goodies are waiting for one lucky reader to bring them to a new home. Are you excited? I hope so!

To Enter:

  • 1st Entry: follow Small Good Things, and leave a comment here
  • 2nd Entry: tweet about this giveaway and leave a 2nd comment here
  • 3rd Entry: blog about the giveaway on your blog and leave a 3rd comment here

This Giveaway ends on Wednesday, February 15th.

Good luck, and I’ll announce the winner here on Feb 16th!

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  1. Love your website and would love to win some goodies!

  2. I’ve blogged about this awesome giveaway :) (fingers crossed)


  3. I followed and tweeted this giveaway on twitter @bunnydogs

  4. These are fabulous!! Thank you very much for a fantastic giveaway! <3

  5. Those paper bags are so cute I’m giving it a try, even if I’m not lucky at these kind of things xD

  6. Just love all things Japanese – what a fun bunch of stuff you are gifting out:)

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