Feb 10 2012

Pom Pom Crazy!

Pom Pom Crazy 3

Yes, the title says it all; I’ve been crazy in pom poms lately.

Pom Pom Crazy 1-1
Pom Pom Crazy 2

I sewed on pom pom trims on my curtains, and stuck some pom poms at the end of cords so that I could tie the curtains.

Pom Pom Crazy book

Until I bought this book back in Japan, I never knew that you could actually make ‘patterned’ pom poms. Yes, there are SO much more than one-coloured pom poms!

Pom Pom Crazy book2
Pom Pom Crazy book3

Flower patterns, butterfly patterns, stripies, and even eaten apples!

Pom Pom Crazy 2
Pom Pom Crazy 1

I tried making stripy one and a flower pattern, and oh, what a fun I had! I have to go and buy some more yarns, though :)

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4 Commnents to “Pom Pom Crazy!”

  1. So cool the apple pompom!! :-)

  2. lovely! looking forward x

  3. Sure thing! Thanks for the sweet request :)

  4. hello! can you do a tut on how to make a striped pompom? looks so cute!

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