Feb 17 2012

Nail Art: Pink & Grey Dotted Nails

Pink & Grey Dotted Nails 2
Pink & Grey Dotted Nails 1

I don’t know about where you live, but it feels like the spring is million years away here in Brighton. It’s not only the bitter coldness but also the endless grey sky that make me crave for sunny (or at least, not rainy) spring… So, today’s nail art is kind of a mixture of spring and winter colours; the polishes I used here are my latest favourites, and hopefully they’re going to cheer me up!

What I used (from left):

Pink & Grey Dotted Nails polish
  • Smelly / 32
  • RMK / CL-3 Clear Pink

To get the look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Make gradation art (for how to make gradation nail art, please read this post) except on your thumb. For your thumb, use masking tapes to make the ‘v’ shape.

3) While the nails are still wet, place holographic glitters and pearl stones.

4) Apply thick coat of top coat.

Pink & Grey Dotted Nails 3

I love using these round holographic glitters. I used to use not-so-round glitters from craft shops; they are cute and cheap as dirt, but round ones look much nicer when used for dotted nail art, I think.

Pink & Grey Dotted Nails glitters

These are the round holographic glitters (I used the middle ones today) that I brought back from Japan. I’ve spent quite a long time net-searching for these round glitters in UK nail art shops, but I never found one…

Pink & Grey Dotted Nails glitters2

See how tiny they are? They are 1mm each, and are perfect for my small nails :) It depends on the colour, but there are usually 4 sizes available (1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm) and you can get them for about 85p (about $1.30) for a bag of 0.5g (which is quite a lot). Hope they are going to come to the UK market soon so that I could get more colours!

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  1. Hi! Can you help me? I really like these holographic glitters, but unfortunately I couldn’t find then in UK store or anywhere else in Europe or shop. Can you give me a link, where I can order these glitters? Thank you very much! :)


  3. You can purchase the Smelly polishes (I know, what a name!) from the URL below, but I’m afraid they only send the items to Japanese address… Hope they’ll start international shipping soon, though!

  4. Where can this ‘smelly’ brand nail polish be purchased? I can’t find it anywhere and loving the color despite the name!

  5. adorable!

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