Feb 21 2012

Craft Tutorial: Make Pom Poms with a Fork

Pom Pom top

How do you make pom poms? I usually use pom pom makers by Clover; the size goes from 20mm (pretty small) up to 85mm (pretty big), and I cannot make patterned pom poms without them. But… yes, but, I was making pom poms for my next project, and realised that even the smallest pom pom maker was too big! So, here comes today’s tutorial :)

Pom Pom 1

First of all, these are the pom pom makers by Clover (you can get them from craft shops or Amazon UK / USA). They come in handy if you want to make patterned (stripy, floral and so on) pom poms.

Pom Pom 3

I made the blue pom pom using the smallest (20mm) maker, but I needed smaller pom poms, so decided to trim further. The yellow and the red ones are about 16mm in diameter. Sure, you can trim pom poms to make them smaller, but you waste quite a lot of yarns this way… And although pom pom makers are useful, the smaller ones are very fiddly! So, are you ready to give fork a go?

You’ll need:

  • scissors
  • yarn
  • fork (with 4 prongs)


Pom Pom t1

1) Wrap the yarn tightly around the fork.

Pom Pom t2

2) Cut a small piece of yarn (about 10cm will do), thread it through the middle prongs and tie it around the yarn.

*I’m using grey yarn for the tutorial, but please use neutral coloured yarn for your pom poms!

Pom Pom t3

3) Make a double knot, and…

Pom Pom t4

4) pull the string to gather the yarn.

Pom Pom t5

5) Take the yarn off the fork, and pull the string tighter.

Pom Pom t6

6) Cut all the loops.

Pom Pom t7

And now your pom pom will look like this. It looks like a sea urchin, but don’t worry :)

Pom Pom t8

7) Trim it until it’s round (doesn’t have to be perfectly round, yet).

Pom Pom t9

8) Roll it between your fingers several times.

Pom Pom t10

This makes the yarns to ‘stand up’, so you won’t miss odd bits of long yarns.

Pom Pom 11

9) Repeat step 7 and 8 until the pom pom is round, and you’re done!

Pom Pom 6

It is so much quicker to make pom poms this way than using pom pom makers. It took me about 3 hours to make 50 pom pom babies, all the while watching the TV. Now that I have enough pom poms, I can’t wait to get on with my next project!

I’m linking this tutorial on Today’s Creative BlogHome Stories A 2 Z, Katie’s Nesting Spot, Sassy Sites!, The Shabby Nest and Flamingo Toes; make sure you check them!


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21 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial: Make Pom Poms with a Fork”

  1. Hi, nice ideas!
    I have a question, i have lots of Yarn left overs, how can I do to use them to felt? Hope you can help me!

  2. oh it is wonerful and not time consuming but if i want a big pom pom .do have to use the same method

  3. Thanks for this post. In step 5, do you use a square knot?

  4. Awesome! I am going to use this technique and make some pom pom wreaths as gifts for Christmas……excited already!!

  5. I’m sure this sounds random, but I have been looking for that particular flatware for about 2 years now. Could you please tell me what brand and kind?

  6. Hello, V! Well… I have absolutely no idea if that’s enough or not. Can anyone help…??

  7. Hi,

    I have a question about pompons. I would like to make 14 10-20cm pompons and I have 198.4g of yarn. Do you think that would be enough yarn to make them?

    Thanks a lot if someone can answer!

  8. I know, I used to enjoy making pom poms so much when I was a kid, and I enjoy it even more as an adult! Thanks for stopping by, Ana!

  9. These remind me of my childhood, so sweet :) !

  10. I know what you mean – my craft space is overflowing with equipments that I hardly ever use!!! Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

  11. Thanks for this great tut!!! I just want to make a couple of small poms and don’t need to buy another piece of equipment. This is awesome.

  12. What… what typo.. ? *gasp* Noooooo!!!!! Thanks Masha, you saved me from further embarrassment :D

  13. how simple! I actually like it when it looks like a sea urchin. :)
    I never used store bought makers to make pom poms, but I haven’t tried to make them with a fork either. btw, you made a cute typical Japanese l/r typo. :P

  14. For these pom poms, I usually wrap 30-60 times – but it totally depends on the thickness of the yarn. If the pom poms look too ‘skinny’, you could trim further to get the right density. Hope it helps, Darlene!

  15. How many wraps did you use? Love the tutorial.

  16. I had NO idea how to make pompoms!!! Great tutorial!!!

    Please share it on my blog PLEASE!

  17. Love it! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  18. so lovable!

  19. Thanks for digging the pom poms, Y by 5 and Kate :) But one warning; pom pom making is so addictive it’s hard to stop once you start!

  20. Absolutely LOVE it. I carry with my Midori traveler’s notebook with the pink pom pom. which you cleverly made. I use pink pom pom as book band, awww its soo cute!! absolutely adore it.

  21. Those pom poms are adorable. My girls would love to make these. Thanks for the super easy tutorial!

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